Discovering Your Ideal, Values-Aligned Employer

And being well placed to smash the interview

Why This? Why Now?

50% of Gen Z employees are leaving their first job because they discover that their employer’s values do not align with their own.

For the sake of your wellbeing and career progression (and to help prevent companies from making the expensive mistake of attracting and replacing the wrong talent), we’re on a mission to connect you with an employer that is “doing the right thing”, whose values are closely aligned to your own, and where you feel like you can be you from day one.

From the initial spark of creating a platform that effortlessly allows anyone to explore, understand, and evaluate employers’ commitments to sustainability, diversity, inclusion and wellbeing, we’ve worked directly with young talent to shape Windō’s design and content.

A brilliant example of this took place at Bloomberg’s European HQ on 4th March 2024 for Windō’s inaugural Preside which was attended by 140 Young Leaders representing 111 University Societies from 40 Universities across the UK. At the event we discussed what “great” looks like when it comes to sustainability communications today. Through two panels we explored what Gen Z look for from potential employers when it comes to their sustainability, diversity and inclusion and importantly, what more they would like to see.

This Guide is a must-have tool for any candidate aiming to find meaningful work with an employer that is the right fit, as well as presenting you with the tools to gain insights about a potential employer that will make you stand out in interviews.

Oli Coles & Ken Janssens
Co-Founders @ Windō