Gender Pay Gap Reporting

7 years on...

Seven Years On

In April 2017, the UK took a significant step towards pay gap transparency in the workplace by mandating all organisations with 250 or more employees to annually disclose their gender pay gaps. This regulation seeks to illuminate the disparities in average (median) hourly earnings between men and women, specifically highlighting the percentage by which men typically outearn women.

Seven years have passed since these regulations came into effect. Now, as we review the latest disclosures that were due by April 5th, the question arises: How effectively are the leading organisations in Consulting, Banking, Tech, and Law working to close this persistent wage gap? This report delves into the progress these sectors have made over the years, scrutinising both the strides and the stagnations in their journeys toward closing this gap.


Fancy going deeper?

At Windo we hold the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion data for over 500 of the world’s largest organisations (as at April 2024) and within this we have Gender Pay Gap data for 220 organisations in the FTSE250, Fortune 100, Times Top 100 Graduate Employers and the CAC40 and DAX40.

Within this there are 17 large organisations where the pay gap is weighted in favour of women. You will find our Gender pay Gap Leaderboards in the link below.