CAC40 Sustainability Report 2024

by HEC Paris Students

About the Report

This report, crafted by 10 HEC MBA Candidates including Torrie Griffiths, Aditya Khanna, Laura González-Salas, Lyrus Lo, Júlia Veloso, Naveen Balasundaram Selvan, Roshima Mukund, Shoma Watanabe, Siddharth, and Sujeet Kumar Kotalwar, represents a comprehensive analysis that sheds light on the commendable achievements and areas for growth within the 40 largest listed French companies. It highlights the successes in setting net-zero targets, achieving female board representation, and reporting on workforce diversity including disability inclusion. These achievements reflect the positive impact of legal mandates as well as the companies’ own initiatives towards creating more sustainable and inclusive business practices.

However, the report does not shy away from addressing the challenges faced by these companies, especially in areas such as renewable energy usage and LGBTQ+ DEI reporting, where legal constraints and societal norms pose significant barriers. Despite these challenges, some companies have shown exceptional innovation and commitment to inclusion, setting an example for others in the corporate world.

We are especially appreciative of the insightful comparisons with DAX 40 companies, which not only benchmark the performance of the CAC 40 but also encourage a healthy discourse on corporate responsibility and sustainability across Europe. This analysis underscores the need for continuous innovation and adaptability in sustainability practices, pushing the boundaries of what is currently regulated to embrace more inclusive and environmentally friendly business models.