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Leading Practices 2024

Employers, Take Notice: It’s time to Align Your Sustainability and DEI Communications with Young Talent Expectations


At a time when job openings in the UK are still above pre-pandemic levels, and the war for talent continues, Early Careers teams face a new challenge: aligning their online presence with the discerning expectations of Gen Z candidates.

Have you ever wondered what the next generation of leaders look for in their prospective employers?

In our latest report we uncover a startling gap between what companies share on their website about sustainability, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and what the future generation is looking for when scouting potential employers. For this research we engaged with 400+ University Society Presidents (spanning Business & Finance, Law, Consulting, ESG and DEI) across 38 UK universities, coupled with an analysis of the sustainability and DEI communications on the websites of FTSE 100 companies. The findings paint a telling picture.

Additionally, the report also unveils 14 Leading Practices for effectively communicating your company’s sustainability story and progress. Something we are very well placed to do considering we maintain sustainability profiles for 500+ companies. Our team constantly reviews the Sustainability and DEI webpages of the world’s leading organisations, granting us with an extensive understanding of what great looks like.

This report is a must-have tool for any organisation aiming to enhance its sustainability narrative and attract top talent. Its insights will guide you in shaping a compelling, authentic sustainability story that resonates with talent and positions you as an employer of choice.

Below, we outline the key findings of our report. For a comprehensive analysis, including examples of companies that exemplify these 14 leading practices, please contact us using the form below.

A Core Audience for Sustainability Communications

Sustainability, DEI and Impact Reports are often hundreds of pages long and targeted at investors. It would take an average reader between 2-3 hours to read the average FTSE 100 Sustainability Report (at 113 pages long). New research from Windō reveals that 56% of students and recent graduates look at Sustainability and DEI PDF Reports when researching a potential employer and that 86% go to your website to find this information.

The Sustainability Communications Mismatch

We’ve examined the adoption of our 14 Leading Practices among FTSE100 companies. To augment our research, we’ve engaged with 400+ University Society Presidents (spanning Business & Finance, Law, ESG and DEI) from more than 38 UK universities. Their feedback is instrumental in understanding the expectations and processes of young talent when assessing a company’s sustainability track record.


Fancy Diving Deeper?

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