It’s the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which is being marked with a significant event named Human Rights 75 (HR 75). This celebration aims to foster a deeper understanding of the universal and indivisible nature of human rights, particularly among the youth. It aspires to motivate individuals to champion a collective movement of shared humanity, empowering them to actively advocate for their rights and take meaningful action.

In JUST Capital’s most recent “Americans View on Business Survey”51% of respondents agreed that CEOs of large companies have a role in upholding and protecting LGBTQ+ rights.

Over the las decade companies have repeatedly used their voice to advocate for change around the globe. Their advocacy has been prominent in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Poland and Uganda. The range of issues they’ve focused for includes supporting marriage equality, opposing anti-LGBTQ legislation, emphasizing LGBTQ+ inclusion in workplaces, advocating for the equal treatment of same-sex couples, affirming that transgender rights are human rights, and committing to United Nations-established standards aimed at combating LGBTQ+ discrimination.

Find out which 84 companies have used their voice to advance these causes.


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